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Archer first appeared twice in a cameo in Episode 25 during Hughes' funeral and then again in Episode 26, accompanying Major General Hakuro, but was not properly introduced until Episode 29. Frank was a genius and was solely responsible for Moxie's popularity. Vintage Moxie Cola Soda Fountain Candy Tin Box Container Frank Archer RARE! Moxie was America's most popular soft drink until the 1920's, due in large part to a very aggressive and effective advertising program. Password recovery. Product Description Drink Old Moxie Sign: Unusual, early embossed tin litho advertising sign for Moxie, w/ great image of Frank Archer on bottle cap. Join Facebook to connect with Frank Archer and others you may know. My mother still blames Coke for the Moxie brandss downfall (I wont tell her that Coca-Cola now owns the brand through one of its subsidiaries). Recover your password Sell a Similar Item. In the "heyday" the beverage was strongly associated with amusement parks, dance halls, and east coast resorts. This lot is closed for bidding. Clean, bright, excellent overall appearance. That was 76 years ago! 1907-1914 MOXIE CARDBOARD CUTOUT SIGN OF FRANK ARCHER. While Dr. Thompson was the drink’s originator, no one was more directly responsible for its amazing popularity during the first two decades of the 20th century than Frank Archer, Moxie’s marketing genius. In 1893, with Thompson at the helm of the company. I believe that Moxie’s staying power is first and foremost the result of one Frank Archer, a marketing genius. In 1916, Dr. Thompson’s partner, Frank Morton Archer came up with the idea of Moxie Horsemobiles. Lt. A password will be e-mailed to you. Though Moxie sold well from the beginning, it was Frank Archer, an aggressive man w-ith a flair for promotion, who made Moxie a cultural sensation, much like Coke or McDonalds today. Bidding. Vintage Drink Moxie Advertising Fan With Frank Archer, 1922-1923. Afterwards, the company downsized. The sign was made by The American Lithographic Co. NY. 26,617 cases of Moxie were sold In 1900. with Archer's influence. 44d ago - Vintage Moxie Fountain Glass 'Licensed Only for Serving Moxie' Relief letters 4" $58.32 Buy It Now or Best Offer 16d 7h. Frank Archer, "Father of Moxie", took that famous "Nerve Food", carbonated it and sold it cold. Archer claimed that he never knew who the Moxie Boy was. Mar 6, 2017 - LOT OF 2 SODA FOUNTAIN DIE CUT SIGNS FOR "ORANGE SQUEEZE" AND "MOXIE". Moxie; Sign, Frank Archer & Girl Raising Glass, Die Cut Card, 2-Sided, 16 inch. Moxie was the nation's first mass-marketed soft drink thanks to the head of its advertising campaign Frank M. Archer. Having “moxie” is similar to having “chutzpah.” It is rumoured that Archer was the face for the trademark "Moxie Man". For many years this advertising program was the brainchild of Frank M. Archer. In addition, a key employee, Frank Archer died in 1939. See Sold Price 26 bids. Product Description Learn To Drink Moxie Sign: Early tin litho die-cut advertisement w/ great image of Frank Archer sitting on early wooden Moxie crate. As the nation’s first mass-marketed soft drink, Moxie was ahead of its time. See Details. Gift presentation to Justin Conroy, Cornucopia's Moxie Brand Manager, successor to the legacy of Augustin Thompson, Frank Archer, Orville Purdy, and Frank Armstrong, Robert Condon, model for the "Sinatra" Moxie Boy of the 1940's. See Details. Frank Archer invites you to visit Moxieland "Home of the Moxie" Pat Pend. Moxie 2-sided die cut cardboard sign, circa 1920s, features Frank on one side and a … Frank Archer (フランク・アーチャー, Furanku Āchā) is an antagonist exclusive to the Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 anime series, introduced as the replacement of Maes Hughes. Dan Morphy Auctions. The company adopted the slogan “What this Country Needs is Plenty of Moxie” during World War 2, but after the war Moxie suffered financially. Discover Items You'll Love. Size: 2 3/4" x 1 5/8". They were cars with a papier mache horse statue built within it on which the driver sat. Denver, PA, USA. Displays as C. 8/+ (w/ exception of a white wear spot in bottom of coat area and light horizontal crease mark in … There are a host of items that collector’s treasure, developed by Archer, to market Moxie. In 1915 or ’16 Frank Archer, the Moxie adman who started as a clerk at the Moxie Nerve Food Co., designed the first Moxie Horsemobile. He credits company vice president Frank Archer, who, while making generous profits for stockholders, spent much of his time entertaining the public and creating ingenious Moxie advertising items that people enjoyed. While Dr. Thompson was the drink's originator, no one was more directly responsible for its amazing popularity during the first two decades of the twentieth century than Frank Archer, Moxie's marketing genius. As Frank Archer, Jr.s nephew, I couldnt not read this book. Excellent : $16 Some overall wear as can be seen on the pictures but overall very nice condition for a tin of this age. They tried to market a sweeter “New Moxie” which didn’t take off. Maybe It was Moxie that helped Williams hit .406 in 1941, making him the last MLB hitter to bat over .400. 250,000 cases were sold. Please see all photos for exact details. I doubt that Frank Archer Sr. was this Moxie Boy. It made Moxie part of the popular culture of the time and helped people to associate the drink with the fun they were having. Frank Archer, who started with the company as a clerk, continued to brilliantly promote Moxie using every promotional gimmick known at the time. Save Item. Moxie's flavor is unique, a sweet drink with a bitter aftertaste. Archer had started out as a clerk at the company and worked his way up into the position, where his advertising program made Moxie America's most popular soft … Ask a Question Follow Auctioneer. This item has been shown 106 times. More auctions … This great sign is professionally framed behind glass. 44d ago - Vintage Drink Moxie 100% Frank Archer Moxieland Ad Retractable Bottle Opener. 1907-1914 Moxie Cardboard Cutout of Frank Archer. Tom Watman remembers, “when I was a kid, they’d give me Moxie mixed with milk, and they’d tell me, when I was older, I could have the real stuff.” (Yankee May/June 2011) Thanks to successful marketing in the early years by Frank Archer the word “moxie” took on a life of it’s own. $77.84 Buy It Now 16d 16h. All > Coin Op > Advertising > Soda, Other: Return To Catalog. A: When I think of Moxie, I think of the genius really being Frank Archer, who was the guy — let’s just say, if there wasn’t a Frank Archer, Moxie would be a historical footnote today. Moxie’s mystique was largely credited to the ingenuity of yet another Frank — Frank Archer, who tagged the drink “The Leading Exponent of a Strenuous Life.” Bidding ended on 5/15/2018. Moxie was unique among beverages of the early 20th century, Bowers says. A fun little book about a fun little drink. Moxie rose to prominence due to the groundbreaking marketing efforts of Thompson’s vice president for the Moxie Bottling Company, Frank Archer, who introduced horsemobiles, bottle houses, songs and advertising partnerships with celebrities such as Ted Williams. 2) Moxie "Frank Archer" cardboard die cut easel-back sign with an invitation to "Visit Moxieland". Tom Watman remembers, “when I was a kid, they’d give me Moxie mixed with milk, and they’d tell me, when I was older, I could have the real stuff.” (Yankee May/June 2011) Thanks to successful marketing in the early years by Frank Archer the word “moxie” took on a life of it’s own. As the nation's first mass-marketed soft drink, Moxie was ahead of its time. Advertising the brand Moxie would've been a tough sell for any professional, except Frank Archer. VINTAGE 1922 DRINK MOXIE FRANK ARCHER FAN ADVERTISEMENT NO RESERVE! Frank Archer: Moxie's Marketing Genius. 1) Die cut cardboard "Orange Squeeze" easel-back sign with a soda fountain "jerk" and ice cooler. However, the whole idea of the Moxie Boy was most likely Archer s idea. Estimate $1,000 - $2,000 Jan 18, 2015. Having “moxie” is similar to having “chutzpah.” UP FOR AUCTION, FOUND IN OLD UPSTATE NEW YORK ESTATE, OFFERED TO YOU WITH NO RESERVE PRICE, AN EXCELLENT VINTAGE 1922 DRINK MOXIE FR Frank Archer, 55, said he had every confidence his son Jofra (pictured) would hold his nerve to help secure England's triumph, having witnessed his talent from an early age. Archer was born in 1862 and would have been about 45 years old when this Moxie Boy was created. Moxie is a brand of carbonated beverage that is among the first mass-produced soft drinks in the United States.It was created around 1876 by Augustin Thompson (born in Union, Maine) as a patent medicine called "Moxie Nerve Food" and was produced in Lowell, Massachusetts. This is backed up by a statement made later by Orville Purdy. View the profiles of people named Frank Archer.

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